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Case Studies

  • Peter* is a 30 year old single man who has had great difficulty maintaining close, intimate relationships. He also had large debts and a compulsion to overspend. He told me that when he was 16, his father died and instead of talking about it to him, his mother bought him gifts. He learnt that spending money was a way of easing emotional pain. His mother died a few years later and as an only child, he was left with no known living relatives. Peter came to me with a desire to create intimate bonds and long-term relationships. We worked with his grief and also looked at past love relationships. Peter made rapid progress and also greatly increased his confidence and self-belief. As a result of this he applied for a new job and was successful in his interview, thus increasing his earnings. We also worked on Peter's overspending compulsion and at the end of our sessions together his bank account was looking much healthier!

  • Adam*, a 27 year old singer/songwriter was struggling to make it in the music industry. Although he knew that he wanted to work full-time doing what he loved, Adam didn't have a clear plan or definite goals to work with. Once we had established his goals we worked together to plan a route to achieving these goals. Using NLP and Hypnosis Adam was able to visualise vividly his goal of becoming a full-time professional musician. This greatly increased his confidence and self-belief. Adam ended our sessions in order to move to London to concentrate his efforts fully on his musical career.

  • Jean*, a business-woman in her sixties had battled with an intense phobia of the dark since childhood. This made her life difficult, as part of her job involved visiting clients at night in poorly-lit country homes. Using the Fast-Phobia Cure, Jean was completely confident in total darkness after just one session.

  • Julie*, a 37 year-old mum of 2 was extremely angry and stressed to the point that she felt it was affecting her relationship with her husband and children. Using several NLP techniques and hypnosis Julie came to realise that certain events in her childhood had caused her to undervalue herself and put everybody else first and this made her unhappy and unfulfilled. We worked together to establish what she wanted to do for herself, personally and career-wise and built a plan whilst simultaneously resolving childhood trauma.

  • Cathy* came to see me as she had a sugar addiction and a family history of diabetes. She was in her early fifties and very active and fit. We explored, during hypnosis, some emotional issues from her childhood- in particular her unresolved grief due to the death of her father when she was 11 and the fact that she was never given the opportunity to talk about her feelings around this. After a few sessions, Cathy's addiction completely disappeared and she felt much healthier and happier.

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