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Welcome to The GAIA Way' Feminine Coaching Programme - an exciting, innovative way of coaching designed specifically with women in mind.


  • Is life getting you down?

  • Do you feel as if your life lacks direction?

  • Have you ever wondered what it must be like to just please yourself?

  • Do you feel that you have to act strong and tough just to survive your day to day life?

In a world where women have to work extra hard to be taken seriously, or have to wear many ‘hats’ to meet the extensive demands placed upon them by career, motherhood, relationship and running a busy home, more and more women are experiencing ‘burn out’. This may come in the form of a deep and profound sense of having lost oneself, or it may materialise in the form of anxiety, constant stress and general overwhelm. Some women can feel taken for granted, frustrated by the opinions and judgments of others and do not know where to begin to ‘stand up’ for themselves. This can lead to withdrawal, angry outbursts, or a mixture of both!

The GAIA Way contains four components- the name is an acronym of those components- Grace, Acceptance, Intuition and Allow. All of the components work in harmony with each other- once you have one of the components in your life, the others will follow, regardless of which you begin with!

See below for a brief introduction to the four elements of GAIA.


Introducing the Principles of GAIA:



Grace is simply the state that we experience when there is complete peace and calm in our lives. The good news is, Grace can be accessed any time, any place- you just need to know how! By learning to be fully present and focused on the moment, peace and sanity can be quickly restored. When we focus on the past, guilt, shame and anger are often the dominant emotions. When we are projecting into the future, worry, anxiety and panic can arise. In the present moment, a deep sense of empowerment can be achieved. Using simple processes, this can be learned quickly and easily.


• Acceptance:


Do you find yourself constantly wishing your life were different in some way? Do you often feel that if your circumstances were different, or a certain person would just treat you differently, everything would be OK? Or maybe you believe that past experiences have caused you to feel weak or ‘damaged’ in some way. Once you fully accept yourself and your life as it is, then you are in a more powerful position and have more energy and motivation to make any changes you desire. Through coaching and easy to learn techniques, you can change the way you feel about aspects of your life that currently weigh you down or hold you back in some way.

• Intuition:


Within every single human being, there is a highly sophisticated system working to keep you safe and thriving. This is called your Intuition, or IN-TUITION - the TUITION that you constantly receive from withIN. As most cars these days have GPS technology to guide you on your journey, each of us has our own system - I call it the IGS, or Internal Guidance System. What if you could learn to access your intuition when you most need it- or even all of the time?! Learn how to access and trust your innermost wisdom that knows what is right for you every time!

• Allow:


When you have learned the other three principles of GAIA, you can really start to think about what it is that you would like your life to look like. Once you feel more at peace and more trusting of yourself and life to bring you great things, what would you love to allow into your life? Using powerful but gentle exercises, you will learn how to expect great things and allow them into your life. When you believe that you truly deserve something, it is far more likely to materialise into your world! The more you Allow the good stuff, the more Grace you naturally experience, the more you Accept your life exactly as it is and the more you trust your Intuition to show you the path that will lead you to your own personal greatness!

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